Teksmartest 2019- Tips From The Organizers


by Denison Adzotor 0

As the days draw closer, the tempo gets higher. However, one will always be tempted to ask the question “What are we going to see on the D-day?”

There is no doubt about a higher expectation from audience as well as organizers of the show. And contestants are also poised to deliver their best in uplifting the images of their respective halls whiles they carry the bragging rights of being KNUST’s smartest for one year.


Organizers of the program have tipped and confirmed that Teksmartest 2019 will be one of a class that has never happened. With last year’s moderator Kafui Dei still in the driving seats, it is expected that a vast level of experience will be showcased from the ace broadcaster and host of several shows which are similar to Teksmartest.

No one can skip the fact that there will be fierce rivalry between some traditional halls who will give in their all to secure the bragging rights since it is an important asset at this point in time. Probable among them will be the battle between the University hall and Unity hall. Representatives from both halls have already declared themselves winners’ weeks before the start of the compitition but all have kept their contestants anonymous.

On the bill in the books of the organizers is a lineup of entertainers who will mount the big stage to deliver and showcase their talents in spoken word, music, rap battles and dance moves. Infobasenetwork.com has confirmed the show won’t end without some big names in the music industry mounting the stage.

Talk of the ‘Jama’, the various halls have promised the support will be massive and more vigorous than that of 2018.

Infobasenetwork.com has also confirmed the 2019 Teksmartest will be streamed live on facebook as well as other social media platforms.

Teksmartest 2019 has promised to be big, more improved and better. Until the stage is set and ready to rock in a few days’ time, Infobasenetwork.com will continue to bring you updates on what to expect in Teksmartest 2019. #Anticipate.



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