Meet The KNUST Students Who Developed A Mosquito Repellent Robot


by Denison Adzotor 0

Students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology have built a a robot which has the ability to repel mosquitoes.



According to the students, Joana Owusu-Appiah, Selinam Fiadjo and Daniella Asare, the move for the innovation became necessary taking into consideration the number of people who sleep outside their rooms in the open due to the hot weather conditions experienced in several parts of the country.

The robot was built to emit ultrasonic sounds which are not heard by the average human ear but has the ability to repel mosquitoes. An innovation which the second-year students think is very friendly to the environment.



“We realize there are so many measures to kill mosquitoes but we thought to ourselves, is it a problem of mosquitoes living or the fact that they’re in our space?

“Somebody is his room with mosquito coil and net but when there is light out, he goes out for fresh air and gets bitten.”

“What can we do for people who are outside their rooms and getting fresh air”
They revealed

The robots as revealed by the bio-medical engineering students will not emit any form of chemical substances into the atmosphere as compared to several chemical insecticides on the market.

The quest for innovations in dealing with the issues of malaria which is caused by female anopheles mosquitoes has become a serious matter of concern to so many countries especially in Africa.

In Ghana several institutions have advocated for the use of treated mosquito nets which a distributed to people from time to time. However, that has not been fully effective in the control of malaria since certain people have raised some disadvantages that come along with the use of the treated bed nets.

The robot has been given the name Anquito which stands for Anti- Mosquito.



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