Why Shatta Wale Keeps Winning On The Local Scene


by Denison Adzotor 0

Ghana’s self-acclaimed dancehall king Shatta Wale seems to be wining the battle as he dragged home 8 massive awards during the recent 3Music awards ceremony.



The controversial artist who has had lots of antagonism from his Key competitors such as Stonebuoy and Sarkodie has so far proven to be on top of affairs and is expecting to remain on to for a longer period.

In a recent tweet Shatta Wale indicated that he will continue to win all the awards he deserves provided respective organizers will give room to the public to be the judges as it was done in the 3Music awards.

However, the cruise to victory is not just being won on a silver platter but is a complete result from rigorous continues work and infobasenetwork.com will prove that soon.

Dancehall artist Shatta Wale even though very controversial has been one who keeps strong ties with his fanbase which he calls the “Shatta Movement”. The relationship between the artist and his followers has become so strong such that several people outside the cords of the Shatta Movement think they are being unreasonable.

Shatta Wale recently whiles receiving one of his awards dedicated it to his fans where he stated that people think they (his fan army) are fools but he appreciates them for their love.

One of Shatta Wale’s strong holds is his presence on social media. Any key social media active person can attest to the fact that, Shatta Wale’s presence on tweeter as well as Facebook and Instagram is very massive. He will tweet at everything he thinks about and also use his wide coverage to address national issues of concern to his followers.

Shatta Wale has never stopped appealing to his fans to vote for him in times when he needs them the most. Shatta Wale on most occasions will make his fans believe he can never win any piece without their support.


Some may consider it funny but the use of controversies to attract attention has so far worked very well for the dancehall guru since he is always in the headlines for one good thing or another bad one.

Several other reasons may account for his reign and Shatta Wale as said by himself may continue to reign in the Ghana Music industry for a long period if his hardwork continues.


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