Easiest ways of writing good articles


Writing a good article can be as easy as anything else provided the writer avoids some little mistakes and follows a good, well tested and acceptable structure.


This article focuses on three ways in which an article can be written perfectly with very little stress but with great results. They various structures include.


Topical structure

Textual structure

Expository structure


In the Topical structure, a writer best relates to different sources of information as well as topics with which he or she coins into one complete article. Here, the writer focuses on points from different pieces of articles and then relates them to his or her defined topic.

Topical styles don’t rely on one source of information, the structure duels on information from different but related topics from different articles.


The textual structure uses a number of information sources but limits them to at most three. Here the writer ensures that though he or she has Veri limited sources of informations, the subject on which he or she is writing is very well dealt with.


This structure or style allows one the luxury of focusing on the key issues being written on and limits divinations to a high level.


The expository structure uses just a particular source of information on which the content is reviewed and very well expanciated. The writer in this style of written limits himself to one kind of information. However a correct but detailed write-up is generated since the writer takes time to exhaust the information in the entire information source.


This style in particular has several advantages since it allows a detailed analysis of the information on which one is writing and limits deviation to a high degree.


Writing very good articles can be easy and one needs to always chose among the three styles. A writer should never forget to adopt styles that he or she is most comfortable with.


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