Mauricio Pochettino’s next move after being sacked from Tottenham


Tottenham Hotspurs’ sacking of former Manager Mauricio Pochettino came as a surprise to many as several people never expected it to happen now even though it was bound to happen.

One of the most surprising things about the news of the Argentine being relieved of his managerial duties with the English club is the replacement which was brought in. ‘Jose Mourinho’.

Several people have said there is a brighter future ahead of Pochettino as majority of football fans across the glob believe he is one of the best mangers of this season.

Mauricio pochettino has been described as one who is a master tactician, a dream chaser and a great planner.

In fact, throughout his stay in the English premier league, he has been one of the managers if not the ultimate that has spent very less when it comes to player transfers.

Haven spent close to five years, Pochettino can boast of breaking the deadlock of the inability of Spurs to qualify for the champions league.

Mauricio Pochettino was also the first manager to lead the London club to their first ever UEFA champions league finals which they unfortunately lost.

Mauricio Pochettino’s records and statistics.

The Argentine has played 202 games for Tottenham and has won 113 of them with 43 draws and 46 losses.

During his time as Tottenham’s manager, he scored 372 goals, conceded 202 and has a winning rate of 56%. His best finish in the English premier league is placing 2nd position.

With the statistics he has so far, it is evidently clear that several teams will be looking for the likes of his caliber since the game of football has become more tactical.

No club has publicly displayed their interest in him after his sack a few hours ago but we are sure he will be landing a new deal for himself in a short while.

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