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Four Things That Have Transformed Chelsea Into A Winning Team


Chelsea FC pictures

Chelsea Football Club has seen some massive improvement in almost everything withing their playing body ever since their new coach Thomas Tuchel took over.

Whiles the playing abilities of the players seems to have developed so much, the desire to push forward and also win matches has also increased.

The club has moved from almost the mid-table position on the English Premier League table to the top four spots where they usually belong in almost every football season.

Some football fans especially the supporters of the football club are of the view that the new coach Thomas Tuchel has brought some extra flavour into the team that used to be missing when the season began.

Here Are A few Stuff That Has Changed About The Chelsea Football Club That Has Turned  Them Into Winners.

A New Winning Mentality.

Chelsea FC

Thomas Tuchel seems to have found a way to boost the morale of his players to start winning a lot more than they used to do since the season started. The new coach has managed to get the focus of the players towards moving forward and never looking backwards which has contributed a lot to their success story.

Giving Everybody A Chance To Perform.

Unlike the previous, Thomas Tuchel after taking over the management of the Chelsea Team has given every player the chance to perform to the best of their ability. Most of the old players that didn’t get features and were sidelined have now found their way back into the team and that has greatly added a lot of experience to how they play.

Using The Right Materials.

The current Chelsea team has a lot of good materials for almost every position on the pitch and for every role that a coach will want to adopt in a match. The simplest thing Thomas Tuchel seems to have done that is working very well for him is using the right players against every opponent he meets. It looks like he has found his first eleven but that always changes depending on the opponent he is meeting.

Increased Accuracy And Precision


The new Chelsea under their current coach has demonstrated a high level of accuracy and precision in their playing style. Though they play very good football, the accuracy in their passes has increased. Asides from the accuracy in their passes, the ability of every player to go for clean and clear tackles has also increased.

It has been reported that the team sometimes trains with small balls just so that the players will get used to winning clear tackles and also improve on their accuracy levels.

Chelsea coach

Chelsea has qualified to play in the quarter-finals in this year’s Champions League after winning it in 2012 which is almost a decade ago. The current Chelsea team under its new manager can pull a lot of surprises in their coming matches in the champions league.

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