US Attorney Arrested For Allegedly Filming The Underwear Of An Underage Girl


by Denison Adzotor 0

Jacques Bloxham an Attorney in California has been arrested for attempting to film up an underage girl’s dress in an Apple shop.


The Attorney aged 66 had the secret camera fixed on his shoes but he was unfortunate in his expedition as the little girl’s father confronted him in the act.

Reports indicate that Jacques Bloxham left the scene immediately he was confronted by the girl’s father but was latter arrested by the security officers.

The accused has been taken to the Contra Costa County jail where he was charged but that did not end there as the Walnut Creek Police Department went ahead to tweet about his actions stating that he was filming the undergarments of an underage girl.

The police have asked the public to assist in their investigations by coming out to testify if anyone has ever been a victim of such acts by the Attorney.


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