UK Ranked Below Ghana And Many Others In Press Freedom


by Denison Adzotor 0

The United Kingdom has been ranked below Ghana, Namibia, South Africa and some other African countries as well as most of its European counterparts in terms of press freedom.


A recent release by Reporters Without Barriers shows that the UK was ranked 33rd out of a number of 180 countries which had countries from Africa being inclusive.

The UK has been putting in some measures to improve press and media freedom in the past months but the efforts has not proven to have an immediate impact on the countries press freedom rankings.

Earlier this month, the UK’s Foreign Secretary appointed Jeremy Hunt to be in charge of media freedom related issues. A move which is expected to bring an improvement in press freedom.

“We should hold ourselves to a higher standard, and seek to be one of the best, not worst-performing countries in western Europe. Too often steps taken in the name of national security trample press freedom” said RSF’s UK director Rebecca Vincent whiles commenting on new rankings.  

Analysts say the United Kingdom as a result of actions being taken to ensure there is strict security in the country has trampled on some actions which are meant to ensure there is press freedom.


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