Three Things To Know About African Employees For Business Growth.


by Denison Adzotor 0

Several people look towards Africa as a good business destination for investors for the next generation considering the varied potentials that the continent possesses and there isn’t a single doubt about that.


However, it is worth noting that there are various segments that make a business successful and one of the most important segments is the work force.

Though a good number of people expect work ethics to be similar everywhere with just a little or no differences depending on the business model, Africa based on culture, training, modeling and perceptions has its citizens tilted towards certain paths which if understood by any employer will generate the maximum benefits to the growth and success of his or her business.

Some companies such as Techno, Huawei, Nestle, Unilever, Samsung, and many others have identified some of this potential and have taken advantage of them which has led them into developing strong brands on the continent.

The African employee believes in Trust and loyalty.

Though it is easier said than done when walking through the path towards gaining one’s loyalty and trust, it is one of the most essential things to gain from an African employee. An African employee expects that he or she should be given the merited reward for his or her inputs. He or she expects that just as he or she puts in the maximum efforts to grow a company, it must be built on the bonds of trust and loyalty. Most African employees can be very loyal to the core provided they are able to identify that their employer/s trust them.

The African employee will always be ready to make genuine sacrifices provided he or she knows his or her employer trust in the potential the individual carries which is very essential in every working atmosphere.

The African employee expects respect.

Respect for people in every society is essential for a harmonious living and this is no way different in Africa. Most employees in African turn to do well if not do more when they are given the right and required respect. In most situations, employees who aren’t given the needed respect or are being looked down on in Africa turn to showcase negative attitudes towards work which will always be clearly noticed. Though some persons believe most Africans have a high-level f tolerance and endurance when it comes to reacting to abuses and disrespect, most African employees will always have their work rate reducing drastically in terms of output.

The African employee expects to be paid

Every rightful worker deserves a paycheck and it is the same here in Africa. As an employer, never should you try to cheat your employee in Africa because it will lead to the early collapse of your business. Most African expect to be paid well for their inputs into any work even though the standards of living on the continent is very low. Paychecks are a good background on which the bonds of trust can be built and every employer must try to get it right from the word go. It doesn’t take long for an employee to discover that he or she is being underpaid in any way and that could lead to several negative reactions if found to be true. It is always better to pay the African employee the best or perfect amount he or she deserves as a paycheck in return for his or her work done.



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