Patapaa- Skopatumana Lines Were From My Ewe Dairy


by Denison Adzotor 0

One corner hit maker Patapaa also known as Patapeezy has justified the source of his trending skopatumana vibes in a video circulating of social media.


The ‘one corner’ icon whiles performing to some fans explained that he was asked to create some Ewe lines whiles they were recording the song “Daavi Neba” with Kawola.

Patapaa in an attempt to justify the lyrics asked the audience if they believe he could speak Ewe and how he was supposed to adjust to the situation which led to the famous “Skopatumana” lines.

He added that he wasn’t going to let such an opportunity go and wasn’t ready to give up on the challenge either hence he decided to construct his own Ewe words whiles he fused them together into what has become the trending tune.

Reports say Patapaa in an earlier situation whiles performing to the crowd forgot some of the words in the “Skopatumana” lines a situation which one may find to be unfortunate but could just be a part of his comic lifestyle.

Patapaa is known for creating popular trends on social media since her first arrived in the Ghanaian music scenes a few years ago. He gained his breakthrough popularity with the famous “One corner” song.


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