The Most Important Things Employers Want To See In An Interview.


by Denison Adzotor 0

Whiles academic work in school is one very important aspect in the life of every young person especially those in the universities, it is also very important to look out for a number of things employers lookout for in a fresh graduate before accepting them into their businesses and organizations.

Most young graduates turn to cling so much on their academic credential but it is disappointing to know that in todays world of work, academic credentials are one of the list requirements employers lookout for.

Employers today have come to believe that there are more potentials in people more than just academic capabilities. In fact, it is sometimes even said that a first class from college of late is even overrated.

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Things Employers lookout for in a fresh graduate.

A good CV

One of the first things that attracts the attention of any employer or a board of bosses in an interview is a carefully crafted Curriculum Vitae (CV). A CV mostly gives employers the first impression about the person they are about interviewing and what potentials the person possesses.

On most occasions a very good CV will take an applicant applying for a job through the first few stages of shortlisting before the interview. A good CV paints a picture about a person hence if it isn’t good enough, then the candidate is not also good enough.


Ones appearance before any interview panel is an essential part in landing that job or deal as a fresh graduate. Mostly appearance tells a lot about an individual. People who are critical at things can easily determine if a candidate is fit for a job based on his or her appearance.

It is mostly advised that candidates who are going for an interview should look smart, official and decent and if possible, mimic the coulours of the organization in which they are aspiring to work.  

Decent dressing is key and should never be looked down on. Not even in the least of circumstances.

Courage and creativity.

Every young graduate applying for a job or a position in any organization will be tested in an interview except in certain exceptional cases. The audibility of the candidate as well as his or her thinking ability will always be examined.

Employers will also take a very key look at one’s ability to be creative. An applicant should always expect questions that will test his or her thinking abilities.

One should always remember that this are not all that employers look out for but if very well taken care of may fully or partially guarantee one a pass to securing his or her dream job during the searching process.  

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