The Little Things Big Companies Want To See In Employees In Africa

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by Denison Adzotor 0

African companies in recent years are beginning to adapt to world trends in building commercial brands due to the increase in development, technological advancement and market and trade competition alongside other very important factors.

These has made it necessary for various African companies as well as foreign investors who operate within the region to look out for some very important qualities in their employers before signing them on.

Most companies will want to initiate their recruits into the company’s culture and structure hence the need for some of these qualities.

Creativity and Adaptability.

Most of the strong brands in Africa due to their strong desire to grow and increase their catchment area will want to hire very creative thinking people as well as people who can adapt to various working conditions. African employers will always want to lookout for qualities such as one being a good team player, ability to work with or without supervision and being self-motivative.

Passion for customers and commercial Savviness

African employers and businesses have come to understand the fact that customers are the most important machinery that drive every business. During recruiting processes, employers will always want to identify whether a prospective candidate has tolerance for customers and the potential customer relation problems that sometimes do show up whiles one is executing his or her duties.

Very good academic records.

Even though quite a number of companies don’t usually focus so much on academic records of late but rather the ability of one to deliver in the job, very good academic records in one’s CV give the individual an upper hand to be shortlisted for an interview. Good academic records [paint a picture of a candidate even before he or she is called for an interview. On most occasions, academic records speak first for a candidate before his personality does in the interview.

Critical thinking and analytical skills.

Most African employers and companies of late want to hire critical thinkers and people who have very great analytical skills. Most companies will want to focus on problem solvers and ensure their new recruits can easily fit into the working environment within the shortest period of time. The work environment in Africa in recent times require that most companies will want to hire individuals who have the capacity to stand in the gap in times of difficulties to think out solutions when the companies need them the most.

Language proficiency                                                       

Employers will always want their staff to be fluent in the languages found within the geographical area in which they operate. Candidates who meet such requirements in that area always have an upper hand in securing the job in times of competition.



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