How To Make Your Money Live

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by Denison Adzotor 0

I one day found my self sitting with a group of young men I have never met before. Whiles we were sittingand having a casual chat as guys will always do, one of the young men took a piece of note and called out to buy bottled water. After paying for it, he was given his balance accordingly. Then the young man looked at the money in his hands and took a deep breath, then he said "This money has no weight at all". 

I understood what he meant, he was telling us the currency has lost its value yet I decided to give it a deeper thought. But just a few seconds into putting my brain to work, one of the young men also funnilly said "The money is dead".

Yes, the money might have lost it's weight or may even be dead. But before you draw such a conclusion, may I kindly remind you there are ways to keep your money alive and kicking if you really want to and we will be discussing a few of those methods here soon. 

Get yourself an income stream. 

Money is not a renewable resource, neither is it a natural resources, money is created hence without an income channel, you will always see money to be too volatile than it actually is. 
Income streams in this sense I mean the sources through which you can continuously make some cash to support your expenditure. Without an income channel, money will always look dead in your hands. 

Never spend more than you gain. 

Spending more than you gain will always land your bank accounts in the negatives, thus if your bankers can allow you to withdraw that much. Every time you spend more than you earn, always know you are eating into your reserves, savings or a future income. One of the deadliest things that makes money loose weight in your pocket is unplanned spending.
Spending more than you earn lives you with nothing and that always is an avenue for poverty to increase. 

Learn to save.

Note that, in order to let your money accumulate some weight, not all that you earn is yours to spend. At least ONETENTH of whatever amount you receive as cash returns into you wallet is yours to keep. 
Saving allows you to grow your money and that means your money will be given the living potential of growth, it will put on some weight with time and it will live if you play your cards well enough. 


Savings are not enough to make your money live, profitable investments are a good way of letting your money increase in weight and quantity. 
The returns you make on every investment cand give money more life if the cards are played well. But always remember I said "Profitable investments" and not just anything that's promises an unreasonable high yield since every investigate has some levels of risk attached. 

Always know that money in as much as it can loose value also has the potential to live, grow and put on some weight in your purse. 


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