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Koforidua interchange promise was an "error"

Dr. Mark Asibe Yeboah a Member of the Economic Management team of government and Chairman of Finance Committee in Parliament has described the promise made by government in the 2019 Budget statement to construct an interchange at Koforidua the Eastern Regional capital as an “error”

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The reality of Virginity testing

Lizards are one of the most common reptiles that are found in all parts of the world. Whiles so many people have several reasons for consuming the reptile, one cannot overlook the medicinal benefits as well as other health benefits people can derive from consuming Lizards.

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Why prostitution is selling in Ghana

Whiles a large majority of people see the act as illegal and ungodly with regards to the laws of the land and the cultural practices of citizens, prostitution has however emerged as a source of livelihood for a small minority of young ladies.

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5 common things you never knew about 'FRYTOL'

Growing up as a child, one of the most common products and names that I came across was “FRYTOL”. It was that funny growing up to know that most of the explanations that were given to the ‘frytol’ name by colleagues, parents and some pears did not come into synchrony with what I know today.